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If you have beautiful teapot sets just sitting around your home, why not start showing them off to friends and family? Even if your guests are not collectors themselves, they can still appreciate the beautiful designs and colors being presented to them. Teapots should not just be brought out from hiding when tea is about to be served, but they should be displayed for everyone to see and appreciate at all hours of the day. This short article will give you tips on how to exhibit your exquisite teapot collection in the correct fashion.

Organizing your teapots. When you start organizing your teapot collection, always be sure to group them by artist, patterns, textures, colors or by the material they are made out of such as glass and cast iron. This will allow you and your guests to view every type of teapot that you own in a specific order. Other than viewing purposes, having them well organized will help you find exactly what you are looking for very quickly.

After you have organized your teapots into small groups, it is time to figure out where to place them. Some excellent ideas for the ultimate viewing pleasure is to place your teapots on an antique tea cart or even an old butler table. By placing them on these types of stands, you exhibit how teapots and cups are properly positioned for tea drinking. If you have younger children in your home and are nervous about the teapots being knocked over, you can place them in a glass hutch or even on a small shelf in your kitchen. Although it will be hard to exhibit the positioning of tea sets, you will still be able to show of the stunning artist work.

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