Tips to Exhibit Your Teapot Collection


A Personalized Teapot for Kitchen Color

Clear glass teapots are a utilitarian fixture in many households. They sit on top of the stove, clearly unnoticed, until someone wants hot water to make tea or cocoa. While most teapots have a sentimental value as a gift or personal choice by the user, many of them are plain and add nothing to the kitchen d├ęcor. Modern decorating techniques have changed that without the need to purchase a new teapot.

Decorating a glass teapot has its own set of issues. Glass heats and cools down quickly. This means that painting the outside of a teapot is a risky proposition. The paint must be able to withstand quick temperature changes without peeling or flaking off. There are acrylic paints available that fit these parameters, but their wear life is relatively short, and most teapots are in service for decades.

One other issue with decorating a teapot is the skill needed to produce a design. Depending on the complexity, a design can take hours, days or weeks. A basic artistic skill, especially with paint, is also necessary. Not everyone has the skill or the time to acquire it in classes. This does not mean a teapot cannot be given a decorative place in the kitchen. There are other options for making a favorite teapot a colorful fixture in any kitchen.

One option is the use of glass transfers. Glass decals on teapots are a type of ink that is manufactured specifically to adhere to a glass surface. They come in a wide range of colors and styles. They can easily be custom made for those with an artistic flair and time to create their own designs. The transfer process is easy to apply when decorating a favorite teapot.